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Club Info

New Students

If you’re interested in starting Muay Thai then why not Come along to the Siam Camp and become one of the family. Under the guidance of Master Jayson Brooks who will take you through a structured class incorporating general fitness, self-defense and confidence building.

For those of you who wish to compete look at our fighter section. The classes are mixed and ages start from 6yrs onwards 

Training at Siam Camp

In order to keep each session interesting, each lesson will vary but the core elements such as cardiovascular work will always play a part. But to break it down into a simple list of things you could expect are:


Pad-work for – Elbows – Knees & Kicks with Boxing Combinations, to help gain the power at the same time keeping your balance.

Light sparring – Working through the various specific techniques

Free light sparing

Ring craft

Wai Kru – plus other cultural aspects

Shadow boxing


Self Defence

Look Mai – basic Muay Thai

Mae Mai – Advanced Muay Thai

As well as Kon Muay – Cherng Muay

In order so constant training does not become monotonous I draw on over 30 years of personal teaching experience. Oh! – And did I mention that we do all this in Thai.

Private lessons are also available on request.

Existing Students

Our existing students enjoy learning about all aspects of Muay Thai including its culture language and the art of Traditional Muay Thai. Grading are made available and help the student to achieve their own personal goals, within a fun and friendly relaxed atmosphere. We provide the necessary equipment to get the best out of each participating student; we also provide the facility for the purchase of their own equipment for personal use.


Along side Master Jayson Brooks , who himself has 30 years experience, are some of the highest qualified male & female instructors in the country, between them they have over 90 years experience. The camp prides itself on the quality and standard of its students that progress through the system to achieve instructor status.

All our Instructors have achieved the highest standards set by the E.M.F. While each instructor incorporates their own personality and style of teaching, they are all required to follow the high standard set by Grandmaster Kevin Lloyd  and E.M.F syllabus to ensure continuity. The structure laid out in the syllabus has been created in accordance with the Department of Physical Education and The Office of the National Culture Commission in Thailand.


At Siam Camp we have been very successful within the competitive side of the amateur sport, over the last few years with have had Amateur Champions at National, British and World level, along with National and British Pro-am Champions.

Anyone wishing to take part on the completion side of the sport will be treated and assessed individually, they will be given all the support needed to become as successful as they can be, the use of our 16ft boxing ring helps to develop and gain the experience needed to achieve the ring craft knowledge and skills required to compete.

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