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Thai boxing


What equipment do I need to start?

Initially just yourself, a pair of shorts or tracksuit bottoms (but shorts are better) and a T-shirt. While you are at the beginner’s stage we would not expect you to buy your own equipment.

Once you decide you want your own equipment – there isn’t that much you need anyway. For the essentials such as shorts, t-shirts, groin guards and gum shields we have a small stock for students only. And for larger items when you want them like gloves and maybe a pad we can get them to order for you.


Do you have regular gradings?

Grading takes place on average, every 3 to 4 months. This is dependent on students wishing to grade and being ready?.

As one of the founders of the IMTF the grading syllabus is entirely structured and comes directly from the National Culture Commission of Thailand, Siam can also help student to enroll  on the education system.


Are there any age limits or restrictions?

We have students from all ages, as young as 2yrs to as old as (well I promised not to say, you’ll just have to take my word for it).


Is it just for men or can women join in?

There are a surprising number or women who train on a regular basis – some of them train at a competitive level. However the majority train for general fitness, self-confidence, not forgetting self-defense.


What can I expect during a regular training session?

In order to keep each session interesting, each lesson will vary but the core elements such as cardiovascular work will always play a part. But to break it down into a simple list of things you could expect are:

  • Skipping
  • Pad-work for – Elbows – Knees & Kicks with Boxing Combinations, to help gain the power at the same time keeping your balance.
  • Light sparring – Working through the various specific techniques
  • Free light sparing
  • Ring craft
  • Wai Kru – plus other cultural aspects
  • Shadow boxing
  • Meditation
  • Self Defence
  • Look Mai – basic Muay Thai
  • Mae Mai – Advanced Muay Thai
  • As well as Kon Muay – Cherng Muay

In order so constant training does not become monotonous I draw on over 30 years of personal teaching experience.

Oh! – And did I mention that we do all this in Thai.


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